Being weird is like being called limited edition. Meaning you are something people don’t see that often. Remember that.

Andy Biersack, American Singer

As a social worker, I believe in change. I believe in becoming a better version of yourself every day. I realized I was 30 and no one ever really asked me if I was happy. They always asked me if I owned or rented my home, if I was married, had kids and what I choose to do for a living. Based on my answers, they would put me on an invisible ladder, as if like my life needed to be on a “certain path” in order to be considered successful. It was through my yoga practice and teacher training where I was able to discover “my path” and what sets my soul on fire. This blog will follow our path on a new journey and I hope you stick around!

I’m looking at you ’22

A few months have past since we last met. So many missed opportunities to share with you all of our fall and early winter adventures! Between traveling to see friends and family in 5 different states, several celebrations, a pumpkin stand (created by our very own 6 year old entrepreneur), and the passing of our… Continue reading I’m looking at you ’22