Come take a tour!

Hey there! I never thought building a house in the middle of a Nebraska winter would be an adventure I’d sign up for! However, here we are, in the middle of winter, in Nebraska, in a pandemic, and building! Being able to see it grow from nothing to this has given me a new appreciation. I never really appreciated all the homes I walked through as I merely just noticed how it was decorated. I didn’t notice the size of the trim work, the type of flooring, the windows or window coloring, the door knobs, or the numbers of panels on each door. Perhaps those things still don’t matter in the end, but when you work so hard to get the foundation in order and build from nothing, I appreciate and understand the attention to detail. I value the creativity, thought process, hard work (and tears) that is put into each specific characteristic of every room. There will be a lot of choices that need to be made in the upcoming months, but for now, the real work is being done. Come take the tour!

What I am really happy about during this process is the limited amount of product waste each crew is producing. We have been able to use many cut pieces of lumber for future projects, firewood out of the rest, and limited trash will be discarded. It was important to us both that we continue to stay mindful throughout this building process.

Up next will be installing the windows and doors and HVAC is coming tomorrow! Please stay tuned for more updates. Sending warm hugs to our friends and family members who live out of state. We hope to have you over soon!


Amy K.

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