Sugarberry Cottage has windows!

Hey all! Our homestead continues to grow, but the progress seems slow. I refuse to just sit inside during these cold winter months. To get outside and feel the sunshine, even though it is very cold and we have limited sun, is the medicine our family needs to stay sane during this pandemic. It can get lonely in the middle of nowhere, and getting outside has been a great mood booster for our family. I am currently preparing to grow seeds for our garden and was a little too excited when my seed order arrived a week ago! I think the prospect of growing something will give me more hope that spring is near and warmer weather is within reach!

Plus, it has been exciting to walk outside and look down the lane to see that there are windows in our new home! Owen goes, “windows mean it is warmer in there, can we live in there now?!” I don’t have the honesty to tell him that we have a long way to go yet. “Pretty soon, kid,” is unfortunately my answer to everything. “Is the coronovirus over yet?” “When can I stay over at Grandma and Papa’s?” When can I see my buddy Luke in Colorado?” “When will we ever get to travel again?” “When will you just let me watch TV, Mom?!”

“Pretty soon, kid.”

In the meantime, here are some updated photos of our house progress that I hope you enjoy. We have 27 windows in this little cottage! We chose Marvin windows and I am impressed with their function and durability. Not that I had a choice in the matter, Dustin simply asked me, “while or black” for colors! We went with a mixture of both, and so far I think we made the right choice (can’t you just hear Dustin say, “it’s gonna have to be now, you don’t have another choice!!). I am impressed the building process has gone on this far without many arguments or debates on design or how things “need to be.” I think we are both so jovial over this opportunity. This has been years in the making and I think we are both simply grateful to be on this journey. I am thankful he takes pride in his work and the ability to build us a home.

Until next time…stay safe, work hard and don’t forget not to take life so seriously!

One thought on “Sugarberry Cottage has windows!

  1. What progress!

    I can’t agree with you more- fresh air and exercise does the mind, body, and soul so much good. Miss you, deer friend but I’m excited to watch your dreams flourish, even from afar.

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