Sugarberry Cottage is getting closer!

I walk through our house almost daily to document any changes I observe. I think Dustin thought I was observing any imperfections to his work or questioning the decisions we made together (should an outlet be here or there?). In full honesty, I am imagining items (that I remember) from our storage unit and if they should be placed there, or in a different room, would this corner look better with shelves or do I have a piece of antique furniture that could juuust fit instead? The opportunities are endless, and overwhelming! Even though I am excited to finally dig out those treasure from our past in our storage unit, (it has been over 7 years) I am more looking forward to parting with majority of those items. Building a smaller home will allow us to reevaluate our items and truly identify what brings us joy and keep these items and thank everything else and allow us to part ways. Our culture really enjoys stuff. We love to have easy access to stuff (thanks Amazon…insert dramatic eye roll!). I get it, I used to fall into that trap too. I am hopeful to remain mindful and grateful that even though we are building new, it doesn’t need to be big to hold a happy family and it doesn’t need to be filled with stuff to feel complete.

We have traveled the path less taken to get here, which means many more rocks in the roads, more pauses, increase headaches but hopeful for greater rewards. We are moving along, and so far, we are happy with the outcome!

Come check it out!

Dustin is DONE with putting up the boxcar siding and thiiiiis close to being done with drywall. The boxcar siding is so beautiful, we almost don’t want to paint it. It took a lot of creative efforts to get it all to match and fit with the least amount of waste. I think it turned out great!

When I looked up at the mudroom ceiling, I had to laugh at Dustin’s “mistake” in the drywall. I asked him why he was swearing at the ceiling?! He responded with, “look how off my measurement is, the light fixture will cover it, but still, it’s not perfect.” I think the mystery of why this is taking so long cannot be completely blamed on the pandemic, but on Dustin’s inability to have anything less than perfect!

Speaking of paint, below are a FEW Sherwin William samples of the paint choices throughout our home. It lead me to finally purchase the hardware for our kitchen through Rejuvenation I went with aged brass against the dark green cabinets. May be a bit cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) but I really like the classic look and if I have a “Friends” mug displayed in the kitchen, so be it! If you haven’t heard that term, there is an interesting read here to see how much cheugy you have in your life:!

HVAC should be finished today, bead board is going up as we speak, kitchen hardware and brackets for open shelving will be in next week, most of the lighting will be delivered in two weeks, and hopefully we will get tile ordered and in by the end of February. The next time we meet, I hope our home is completely different!

Stay happy, healthy and grateful.



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