The House Progress Continues

I love walking into the dinning room and seeing these house plans laid out on the table. We spent years analyzing when and how we would build a house and it’s hard to imagine that our dreams are coming true!

I was so excited to come out of the farm house from working all day to see that the house progressed to having walls! I am a visual learner, so being able to physically go through the rooms of the house on the main floor was overly exciting for me! I couldn’t believe how much they were able to do in 4 days…below are the photos from last week:

After 7 days, the crew finally rested (thanks snow). They have done great work and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress. They drive in the lane as I am waking up in the morning and leave when the sun goes down. Their hard work has paid off, because we are beyond happy with the work they have done so far.

After a long week, the sun set on our beautiful farm…it was the perfect way to end the week…celebrating new beginnings!

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