We’re not crazy….just a little unwell

Rob Thomas appropriately came back to greet me all the way from 2002 on my morning drive to work today. While my mind was spinning and focusing on everything that needs to be accomplished within the next three months, I was starting to feel a little unwell, not crazy, just unwell. I have started the exciting quest for marketplace finds and meeting up with people from all over, hoping that my unique finds will all come together in our new home. I felt compelled to share our story with these strangers and explain that the unique light fixture from their grandmother’s home will now be placed in a precise location in our home, that one can only describe as moody with a boho vintage farmhouse aesthetic. When I received the left head tilt in response with their gaze up towards the sky, I know they are thinking we are crazy, definitely past unwell. It is usually followed up with a series of questions that are merely statements they already know the answer too, such as, “you look young to appreciate these old things,” or “you think it is a good idea, huh, to build during a pandemic?” or “organic farming in Nebraska, well good luck with that,” or my favorite, “hope this works out for you, no one wants things like this anymore.”

Thank you. Thank you for thinking we are crazy. Perhaps at times, it appears that way, but as the song continues, “stay awhile a maybe then you’ll see a different side of me.” Right now, we may be a little unwell, uncertain, freaked out and scared, but I know if we continue on this journey, it will all come together. And if it doesn’t, I need to forgive myself because I am a social worker, not an interior designer, and if it does work out, then clearly a side hustle is in the making! Of note, you need to stick around and see all the cool stuff (I think it’s pretty cool) I have been finding on marketplace these days! Also, check out my pinterest board where the inspiration for the house lies https://www.pinterest.com/akaspar1011/5280-county-road/ and where I need to start deciding on the perfect green color for the kitchen cabinets (please review and report back your choice! I can’t decide!).

Clearly there is no shortage of things to do, and it can get overwhelming at times, leading us to question our emotional wellness and sanity. We keep reminding ourselves that we made it this far even with all the barriers that came before us, so we will continue to do what we do best….our own thing.

Do you want to see what Dustin has been up to this past week?!

It was exciting to me to see the interior house plans laid out on the work bench! Dustin unwrapped the refrigerator and the oven and that make us both very excited that we are towards the home stretch of this long home building process! He even unboxed the sink and I couldn’t help but get close and reach out to touch it when I heard Dustin yell from the back, “Don’t touch it! Leave it alone! I am measuring it and then it’s going back so it can’t get broken!” Yikes! Is this how Owen feels when I catch him reaching in the candy jar while I am on a business call working from home?!

As you can see, Dustin and the Dads have been working very hard; finishing putting up boxcar siding in the house, more drywall, and prepping for tile work in the kitchen. I am anxiously waiting to help out in some way, even though I know ordering appliances, hardware, paint colors, title and lighting are important things. I am trying my best to reuse and recycle and at the very least, hand made or supporting local. I will say, Owen has a great eye at the thrift store. He always finds the most fanciest, unique item and says, “Mom, you know we need to get this! It’s different, but you know what you always say, different is special.” Yes, kid. There will be a lot of special happening in our house, and clearly you will embrace it, just like the rest of us!

More to come, stick around!

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